Jaya Kishori, who is also known as Jaya Sharma Kishori has gained fame as a singer, motivational speaker and spiritual personality, from India. Her captivating voice and inspiring speeches have touched the hearts of millions earning her a place in the world of devotional music. In this exploration we will delve into aspects of Jaya Kishori’s life, including her education, family background, career path and notable accomplishments.

Jaya Kishori’s Biography and Personal Details

Jaya Kishori was born on July 13th, 1995 in Kolkata, India. Since an age she has shown an inclination towards spirituality and music. It was evident that she had a connection with practices and possessed a natural talent for singing. As time went on her dedication to spirituality and music became the driving forces behind her career.

Jaya Kishori Education

Throughout Jaya Kishori’s journey she managed to strike a balance between her pursuits in spirituality and academic excellence. While specific details about her education are limited at present it is clear that she skill fully integrated her passion for music and spirituality into her endeavours. This ability played a role, in shaping her identity.

Jaya Kishori Family Background, Husband & Relationships

Jaya Sharma’s fathers name is Shiv Shankar Sharma while her mother goes by the name Sonia Sharma. Additionally she has a sister named Chetna Sharma.

Jaya Kishori prefers to maintain her life in private choosing not to share details, about her family and relationships, with the public. Her focus on spiritual and professional pursuits often takes precedence in interviews and public appearances. This intentional privacy adds an air of mystique to her persona, leaving fans to appreciate her artistry and wisdom without intrusions into her personal life.

Jaya Kishori Physical Status:

Height (approx)In feet- 5 feet 4 inches
In centimetre- 163 cm
In meters- 1.63 m
WeightIn Kgs: 52kg (approx.)
In LBS: 115 LBS (approx.)
Skin ColourWhite
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Shoes Size7
Dress SizeMedium

Jaya Kishori Bhajan Singing and Noteworthy Songs

Renowned for her exceptional talent as a bhajan singer, Jaya Kishori captivates audiences with her enchanting voice. Her devotional songs, commonly known as bhajans, have resonated with millions worldwide, many of which are accessible on her YouTube channel. Notable hymns include ‘Avadh Me Ram Aaye Hai,’ ‘Ye To Prem Ki Baat Hai Udho,’ and ‘Jai Dev Jai Dev.’ These hymns have not only found a devoted audience in India but also garnered listeners in various foreign countries.

Beyond her role as a bhajan artist, Jaya is acknowledged as a ‘Hindu Kathakar’ and a motivational speaker. Her narratives, infused with wisdom, form an integral part of her devotional programs, captivating audiences not only in India but also across borders.

Jaya Kishori’s Professional Journey

Jaya Kishori’s interest in singing bhajans and participating in devotional programs traces back to her childhood. At the tender age of 7, she commenced public speaking, and by the age of 10, she had already showcased her singing prowess in a bhajan during a Sunderkand. As the years unfolded, her involvement expanded to encompass events like Ramayana Katha, Nani Bai Ro Myro, and various religious programs, establishing her as a prominent figure in the spiritual landscape.

As she matured, Jaya continued to pursue her passions, actively participating in events such as Basant Mahotsav and various devotional gatherings. Many of her popular hymns can be found on YouTube, where, at the age of 26, she has become a celebrated figure. Jaya’s motivational speeches, delivered during her programs, resonate deeply with her audience.

In addition to her musical journey, Jaya Kishori delved into motivational speaking through her YouTube channel ‘Jaya Kishori Motivation,’ established in 2021. With nearly 1 million subscribers, the channel underscores the impact of her inspirational messages.

Jaya Kishori’s Recognition and Notable Events

Jaya Sharma Kishori’s acclaim extends to her participation in the show hosted by the renowned motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. Their conversation delves into the intricacies of their life successes and biographies, offering viewers profound insights into their journeys as motivational speakers.

Jaya Kishori’s commitment to her craft is palpable in her fees for public speaking engagements. Organizations and trusts frequently seek her presence for storytelling and motivational events, for which she charges a fee ranging from ₹900,000 to ₹1,000,000.

Best 10 Motivational and Life-Changing Quotes of Jaya Kishori:

  1. Running away from trouble is like inviting more trouble.
  2. Every single day of life is a new birth for us.
  3. Keep doing small things, one day you will get big results.
  4. Pride destroys man, self-respect develops a man.
  5. Confidence is a good thing but overconfidence is harmful.
  6. Success introduces us to the world, and failure introduces us to the world.
  7. To become rich, you have to think like the rich.
  8. If you want peace in life, then stop taking people’s words to heart.
  9. The society and the country can be taken forward only on the basis of education.
  10. We don’t have to think about what people will think.

Jaya Kishori’s Social Media Handles:

Social Media Ac.LinkFans
Youtube ChannelClick Here3.02 Million Subscribers
InstagramClick Here10.3M
XClick Here131.8K Followers
FacebookClick Here8.9 Followers

Which awards has Jaya Kishori received?

Jaya Kishori’s contributions to devotional music and spirituality have earned her accolades and recognition.

  • 2021: Iconic Woman Motivational Speaker of the Year.
  • Best Spiritual Influencer” by Lokmat.
  • “Best Motivational Speaker 2021” by the World Digital Detox Day.


In summary, Jaya Kishori’s life constitutes a harmonious blend of spirituality, music, and motivational speaking. From her early days of devotion in Kolkata to her current standing as a celebrated figure in the spiritual realm, Jaya consistently inspires and uplifts through her talents and wisdom. Whether through her soulful bhajans or motivational messages, she has etched an indelible mark on the hearts of her followers, transcending geographical boundaries.